Police, Fire and Emergency Services
22-24 Main Street Mendon, Massachusetts 01756

Mark P. Bucchino, Emergency Management Director

Town of Mendon Office of Emergency Management

The Town of Mendon Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is the department that coordinates local and private resources throughout the Town during times of disasters and emergencies. The mission of the OEM does not end there - in fact the OEM's day-to-day operation is vital in preparing the Town for whatever challenge it may face.

As we are all aware, disasters for the most part take place at the local level. It is the intent of the OEM to assist Town departments in being prepared for, responding to and recovering from disasters.

In direct cooperation with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) the OEM is working to identify potential risks, to enhance response of assisting agencies and to be a point of warning and coordination for all departments with the Mendon community.

A Brief History Lesson

To quote briefly from the remarks made by Governor Endicott Peabody on November 16, 1963 at the dedication of the Civil Defense Headquarters in Framingham:

"To the Pilgrims, Civil Defense meant a blunderbuss, in addition to the stockade; a reliable warning system; a leader to turn to for direction and a pooling of resources for survival. What began in Plymouth has become an American tradition. It was exemplified in Paul Revere and the Minuteman and later in the Westward Movement. The will to survive has characterized America's growth and greatness. The banding together for protection and assistance in times of peril has made us strong"

These principles continue to hold true today, more than ever. Civil Defense, now Emergency Management, is more than the facilities and the equipment, but people. Men and women, who, for well over a half-century, have dedicated themselves to the safety and well being of their fellow citizens, regardless of the danger, emergency or disaster.

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