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Police Accreditation Seal

The Mendon Police Department was awarded state accreditation on February 28, 2003, and became the 10th accredited law enforcement agency in Massachusetts. We are proud of this status and work hard to maintain compliance and meet an established set of professional standards.

The Massachusetts Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. was formed in 1979 to establish a body of standards to (1) increase law enforcement agency capabilities to prevent and control crime; (2) increase agency effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of law enforcement services; (3) increase cooperation and coordination with other law enforcement agencies and with other agencies of the criminal justice system; and (4) increase citizen and employee confidence in the goals, objectives, policies and practices of the agency.

The Commission was formed to develop an accreditation process that provides law enforcement agencies an opportunity to voluntarily demonstrate that they meet and established set of professional standards.

There are five phases or steps in the accreditation process:

1. Application: The accreditation process begins when an agency applies to the Commission for applicant status. Once agency eligibility has been confirmed the agency and the Commission sign an accreditation agreement that identifies what is expected of each party.

2. Self Assessment: The Agency Profile Questionnaire triggers the delivery of all materials for the accreditation manager to use in conducting the agency's self assessment. The agency prepares forms and develops "proofs of compliance" for applicable standards and assembles the forms and proofs in a manner that will facilitate a review by Commission assessors.

3. On-site Assessment: the Commission approves the agency's candidate status, selects and trains a team of assessors free of conflict with the candidate agency, and schedules all activities for the on site review of the agency. During the on-site visit, the assessors, acting as representatives of the Commission, review all standards and verify the agency's compliance with all applicable standards.

4. Commission Review: The assessor's final report is forwarded to the Commission when all applicable standards and required activities have been complied with. The Commission schedules a hearing at one of its meetings. The agency and its chief executive officer are invited to attend. At the hearing, the Commission reviews the final report. If satisfied that the agency has met all compliance requirements, the Commission awards the agency accredited status. Accreditation is for a three-year period.

5. Maintaining Compliance and Reaccreditation: To maintain accredited status, the accredited agency must remain in compliance with applicable standards.

The agency submits annual reports to the Commission attesting to continued compliance and reporting changes or difficulties experienced during the year, including actions taken to resolve noncompliance. If necessary, the Commission reserves the right to schedule interim hearings to consider continuing accredited status if noncompliance becomes a serious issue. At the conclusion of the three-year period, the Commission offers the agency an opportunity to repeat the process and continue accredited status into the future.

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